8 commandments for weight loss

8 commandments for weight loss

5th December 2019 Off By krzys

You decided to start losing weight because you have problems with excess fat? A great decision! However, the reduction process is a long way, during which the viewpoint about our health and the body changes. We start to care for the body more, think about what we eat and what quality it is. If you want your weight loss process to be successful, stick to these rules. waist trainer UK

1. Observe your body
Look in the mirror and ask what you want to look like and who you would be. Become aware of your eating habits – what is good and what is bad about them. Do not attach to the numbers indicated on your weight. Measure the circumferences of your body, write them in a notebook and write centimeters every few months. A good motivator may be too small a piece of clothing, e.g. pants, which you will want to wear next season.

2. Don’t treat food as a reward
Consider whether your weight loss problems depend on your mental attitude to food. If you reward a feat with chocolate, you will never lose weight. “I was at training today, so I can afford to sin” – this way of thinking contradicts the idea of ​​striving for the desired figure. Do not miss hard training with your temptations. You have worked hard, enjoy your satisfaction.

3. Far from sweets
We have the greatest desire for what is within reach. Make sure that there are no temptations around you that will keep you busy. It is much easier to go to the kitchen and open a cupboard with sweets than to go to the store. Think twice about “something unhealthy”. This is often temporary – it’s best to do something else, such as cleaning.

4. Only naturally
Say goodbye to processed foods and ready meals from the jar, bought at the supermarket. If you don’t have time for everyday cooking, spend only one day creating 3 dishes that will be packed in jars, and all you will need to do is cook porridge or make a salad. Ready meals that are available in stores often contain a large dose of sugar, enhancers and preservatives. Be aware of what you eat. Instead of buying strawberry yogurt, in which the percentage of fruit is small, it is better to use natural yogurt and deep-frozen strawberries (focus also on seasonal and fresh products). Obviously during slimming should be bypassing fast food bars.

5. Find support
It is often easier for us to pursue a goal when we are in a group. Therefore, try to find among people who want the same as you. Losing weight together, training together and sending recipes for healthy meals will certainly motivate you to continue the challenge. Do not be afraid to refuse a party of a piece of cake – the world will not collapse, when you ask for help at the party you will politely thank. Create an environment around you that will support you, e.g. by going to fitness trainings, talk to classmates about your effects, maybe learn something from them.

6. Down with excuses
Do not blame the genes – they have nothing to do with the appearance of the figure. Habits are the most important issue and these can be changed. Do you envy people with good metabolism? Make your metabolism also improve. The more you pay attention to what and when you eat, the more you are physically active, the more your metabolic rate increases.

7. Eat slowly
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The information that you are full goes to the brain with a delay of about 20 minutes. Eating dinner at a table surrounded by music, for example, will be more pleasant than eating chips at the computer. Focus on food, avoid TV distractions. Don’t eat on the run.

Restrictive monothematic diets and starvation can only destroy your body. Do not think about losing 7kg in two weeks. You will get the best results by losing centimeters slowly so as to avoid the yo-yo effect and that your skin has time to regenerate.
Good luck!