A chance for smokers, but more time and research are needed

A chance for smokers, but more time and research are needed

22nd November 2019 Off By krzys

About the harmfulness of smoking probably already …

… no need to convince anyone.
So how do you convince you to get rid of this addiction and how to help smokers?

There is no simple prescription because smoking is an individual matter of every person. Everyone has their own motivations, why they smoke or why they don’t quit smoking. An individual approach is therefore needed. I believe that all actions such as “stop smoking to improve your health” do not reach people. Smoking is an addiction, so you have to start from scratch. There are those who quit smoking overnight – and this is not a small group at all. They always have some motivation, but it is different for everyone. For some it may be a health condition, for example others have promised it and are able to persevere. Every person needs strong motivation to make such a decision.

Suppose a tobacco addict is already motivated. How can it be assisted in implementing the decision to quit smoking?

We can do this in different ways. First of all from the psychological point of view. If you have become addicted, there is also a chance to get rid of this addiction. Building such awareness is a task for psychologists who work with these people on various levels. For many people this brings quite good results, but not for everyone. We also have various medications and preparations, lozenges or patches that can be used to replace smoking. They provide the patient with nicotine or substances with similar effects in controlled doses. It is worth using it, but it is also not a solution for everyone. Odens snus UK

We also have so-called smoking substitutes, or e-cigarettes. Public Health England says that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking. they have no smoke, tar or carbon monoxide. British research has also shown that they are twice as effective at quitting smoking than traditional nicotine therapy.

The source of nicotine in electronic cigarettes are so-called liquids, i.e. mixtures of various chemical compounds that are not fully understood. There are studies that show that some may also be harmful to health. Probably not all. So if we already make such a choice, it is worth using the products of such companies, to which we can trust that they use the allowed liquid ingredients.

We also have devices that use real tobacco but do not burn, such as glo. Tobacco is only heated to a temperature of approx. 240ºC at which nicotine is released. In a traditional cigarette, the combustion temperature reaches about 900ºC.

Tar is not emitted, the worst for the body. It is worth saying here that the biggest addictive factor in smoking is nicotine, which affects the central nervous system, improves mood, relaxes and gives a feeling of better existence. Tobacco heating devices provide almost pure nicotine. There is more and more research that confirms this. These include the PHE report you mentioned or the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, which indicate that much less aldehydes (reduction from 80 to 95%) and volatile organic compounds (reduction from 97 to 99%) are produced. We do not exhale smoke and therefore do not harm the environment. But those who use these devices also do not have the facility to give up addiction, although some foreign medical organizations recommend them as helpful. They derive pleasure from it because they supply themselves with nicotine, and if they are still convinced that they do not inhale harmful tar, damaging cells, causing cancer, then the motivation to quit smoking becomes much less.

Research is being conducted into the effects of this alternative to smoking on human beings?

Tobacco heating devices exist fairly briefly. This is not enough time to draw serious conclusions. However, there are voices that they can also adversely affect our health, although differently than traditional cigarettes. It is also believed that this is not a way to quit smoking altogether. Tobacco heating devices are therefore safer for smokers. But are they even safe? We cannot say it clearly. We have been dealing with traditional cigarettes for many years, and in this case we can not talk about the distant effects that could arise from their use. We need such research, but only after a few or several years we will be able to assess them responsibly.