Experts: the largest number of e-cigarette users in Europe in Poland

Experts: the largest number of e-cigarette users in Europe in Poland

28th August 2019 Off By krzys

There are most e-cigarette users in Europe in Poland; only in terms of sales value our country gives way to Great Britain and Italy – specialists said on Monday (August 5) during a press conference in Warsaw.

He organized a meeting with journalists under the slogan “Cigarettes and new tobacco products: what you need to know” he organized at the Polish Press Agency “Health Service” – vape marketplace.

Dr Krzysztof Przewoźniak from the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention and deputy director of the Center for Cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) presented data from the e-Smoking Institute, which shows that in Poland in 2016 there were 1.7 million e-cigarette users, most in Europe. In this respect, Poles were ahead of the British – 1.4 million users, French (1.2 million) and Germany (0.7 million).

Our country is second only to the value of sales of these products. In 2016, Great Britain (569 million euros) came first in this statistics, followed by Italy (347 million) and Poland (330 million). France came fourth (315 million euros), followed by Germany (163 million).

– It is not true that e-cigarettes are primarily used by adults addicted to traditional cigarettes who want to get rid of addiction. This group is in the vast majority. Half of e-cigarette users are so-called hybrid smokers, i.e. those who simultaneously smoke traditional cigarettes and their number is growing rapidly “- emphasized Dr. Przewoźniak. Hybrid smokers smoke mainly in places free from tobacco smoke.

According to the specialist, among adults there is a low and non-growing percentage of those who reach for e-cigarettes. Teenagers use them much more often and this group is worryingly growing. This is indicated by the Kantar Public survey conducted in 2017. It shows that only 5-6 percent reach for these electronic products. adult Poles (men and women). However, interest among them is growing rapidly among teenagers.

Data from the Journal of Adolescent Health cited during the press conference show that in 2014, 30 percent of us used e-cigarettes. teenagers aged 15-19. This is five times more than in 2011, when at this age there were 6 percent. their users. – A typical e-cigarette user is a teenager or a young adult male, and among adults is a highly educated and economically well-off person – emphasized Dr. Przewoźniak.