Purchase of Cyprus property

Purchase of Cyprus property

28th May 2020 Off By krzys

An apartment in Cyprus is a luxury at a reasonable price. Every second he dreams of life in Cyprus. This magical peninsula impresses with its beauty, nature and atmosphere of life. A very large number of Russians are eager to buy an affordable Cyprus apartment. What’s more, it’s quite real. Why is peninsula ownership so popular?

Cyprus attracts with its climatic conditions. Everyone who buys an apartment here will be able to rest all year round, regardless of the season. The apartment owner has the opportunity to study at foreign universities and institutes. It is prestigious and opens up more opportunities in the homeland.

The political atmosphere on the peninsula is stable, crime is much lower here than in Russia. Property taxes in this country are small and insignificant.

Ayia Napa Marina

Compared to other European countries, Cyprus has one of the lowest prices for apartments and houses. Buy an apartment in Cyprus at affordable prices can be in several areas, both in the center and on the outskirts. In what area to buy an apartment? Limassol is the most popular area in Cyprus. Buy an apartment in Cyprus by the sea can be cheap here.

After searching, you can find a one-room flat for 75,000 euros. Apartments located near the sea, with beautiful views, will cost much more – about 700 thousand, and with slightly worse conditions or views – 300-400.

The infrastructure in Limassol is very developed: many elite schools, shops, expensive hotels, clubs and restaurants are concentrated here. Living in this area is a pleasure. Visit the site sol-sun.ru – here they will carry out an orientation tour for you and help you choose your place of residence.

If you want to buy an apartment in Cyprus cheaply, their prices are in the area around Peyia. The average cost of one-room apartments is 45,000, which is almost half the cost in Limassol.

However, Peyia is not so developed and arranged. Larnaca is another popular resort where Russians like to buy apartments. Buy a Cyprus flat cheap in the area does not work.

Prices here start from 100,000, and for some homes there are over two million. However, in such homes there is even a private pool. The choice of place of residence and purchase of an apartment should be determined on the basis of personal preferences and financial possibilities. Features of buying apartments.

Everyone who becomes the owner of apartments on the beautiful island of Cyprus receives a residence permit. Buying a flat in Cyprus inexpensively is a chance to become a legal citizen of the country over time. The process of buying a beach apartment in Cyprus is not as big a problem for Russian citizens as it might seem at first glance.

All formalities are taken by the owner, and the buyer only needs to provide the necessary documents on his part. Since the rights of the buyer are protected by law, fraud is excluded in the bud. Cyprus property profits are minimal.

Therefore, buying an apartment in Cyprus is inexpensive, whose prices are up to 100 thousand, you can only for your own pleasure and need. Earning them, as in Russia, will not work, although there is rent in Cyprus and no one prohibits the owners of renting property for a short period to guests of the resort.

Advantages of Cyprus. Buying an apartment in Cyprus on the seafront is cheap in the area of ​​Paphos, washed by the Mediterranean. It is the cheapest resort in Cyprus. The island’s ideal climate is a godsend for the Russian people. Here you can relax all year round. Locals do not know the cold and strong piercing wind.

340 out of 365 days in Cyprus are sunny and warm, the rest of the days may be small. There are many Russian-speaking people in Cyprus, so without even knowing other languages, you can safely pack your things and go to Cyprus.

Cyprus has a huge number of historical values ​​and attractions, which, like the sea and climate, attract tourists from all over the world. Cyprus is the safest country in Europe.

There is virtually no criminal life. Because taxes are scarce, salaries are good, there is no need to develop a gangster life, because people need nothing and do not go beyond the law. The cost of housing in Cyprus continues to fall and ranges from 20 to 50% in recent years.

This is due to the banking crisis that has appeared there, and the majority of sales are not made by local residents, but by foreigners who for any personal reasons no longer want to own property on the peninsula.