Two cylinders worth your attention

Two cylinders worth your attention

28th January 2021 Off By krzys

On the market for locks and cylinders in the UK, there are, among others, two companies? Primarily GERDA and LOB. Based on customer purchases and available reviews, it is tempting to present the inserts worth your attention. This listing is only indicative because the final decision on choosing specific security is best taken with a qualified locksmith from the emergency locksmith. Get to know exciting solutions available on the market.

1. GERDA? PRO SYSTEM cylinder

As an authorised service agent of GERDA security products, we are perfectly aware of the Polish manufacturer’s quality with over 30 years of experience in the market. There are several different systems of inserts in the brand’s offer, and only in the selected category, you reach for the necessary size or colour.

Inserts from the PRO SYSTEM collection are certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics as they meet the standard 1303: 2015-07. They are anti-burglary and protected against opening by bumping. Their reaming or opening with a made-up key is much more difficult. Does the mechanism meet the highest standards of durability? Over 100000 cycles. Are key combinations counted in millions? This is a product with the highest security class (6) and the highest burglary resistance (C). The cylinder is not subject to corrosion, is adapted to the fine woodwork. You can choose cylinders with a key opening on both sides, with a knob, key with a pinion or execution within the GERDA Key General system. You can order a version in brass or nickel.

Remember that Locksmith Service supports not only owners of GERDA locks and cylinders.
Check the size of the cylinder that fits the lock.
If you invest in security, check certificates and security classes.


The P-MAX collection proves that it is merely worth investing a little more and enjoying a real sense of security in many cases. The presented cylinders have a patented design and many features that prove the highest quality. Unique cut-outs and pins inside the cylinder provide even more burglary resistance. The material is protected against drilling. Without a security card, keys cannot be made? The unique pattern is always taken from the manufacturer’s database, only at an authorised point. Unique technology also promotes the creation of single key systems (master key). P-MAX cylinders cannot be broken out; they cannot be tampered with (because they have a paracentric profile). The product meets the EN 1303:2007 standard (6th security class, 2nd attack resistance class, 1st fire resistance class). It is suitable for use both at home and in the office; both inside and outside the padlock. The glossy and matt chrome finish has a right to please.

Of course, these are just 2 of the many right lock cylinders that are worthy of recommendation. We’ve looked at what our customers are interested in, but that doesn’t mean your door necessarily needs these models. Contact Lock Ambulance today, and we’ll suggest the best solutions to suit your building’s character, your budget and your specific needs.